Potlickin’ Best Potluck Contest

vintage pot1Potluck for Peace Potlickin’ Potluck Contest

What’s a potluck party without scores of normally loving neighbors embroiled in a competitive smackdown over who brought the tastiest dish? We know you’re proud of your killer cobbler or your lip-smackin’ mac salad or your mouth-foaming fried chicken.


Entry is established upon purchase of tickets to the event. In other words, whoever brings food is in the running. Up for stakes are the coveted Potluck for Peace Golden Potholder Awards in three categories:

Category 1: Main Dish — this includes a meat, vegetable or omnivore entree that can serve as a main course for a normal person. (No fried crickets or grilled reptiles. I’ll maybe taste alligator, but as a regular judge of the Chomp and Stomp chili cook off each year, I’ll give you a heads up and admit all crocodile varieties, for me, usually hit the ground like a safe.)

Category 2: Side Dish — This includes any dish of any variety (except insect) that is deemed complimentary to an entree as opposed to standing alone as a meal or dessert. Subgenres include your three-bean salads, your mac’n’cheeeses, your sweet-potato casseroles and your collard greens, to name a few (though I challenge you to beat my own collard-greens recipe) (Consider yourself served).

Category 3: Dessert — This category encompasses all sweet-tasting (so that includes no-sugar-added) ymminess in any form your creative mind concocts — cobbler, pudding (including mousse), pie, ice cream, fudge, cake, ice-cream fudge cake, tarts, custards, cookies (did I say fudge?), fudge, fudge pudding custard cake, brownies, candy . . . oh my GOD, I can’t go on without dunking my head in a bowl of cake batter. Bring it!

Of the winners in each category, one will be chosen to receive the venerated Potluck for Peace Oven Mitt d’Or, a golden oven mitt commemorating you as the Potluck Master of 2013. It may include a robe and throne.

(I, Hollis Gillespie, will be a judge, and I love anything with blue cheese in it, just keep that in mind.)

Saturday, November 2, 5–8p.m.
The First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta
470 Candler Park Dr., NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

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