Moms on a Mission

The Moms on a Mission include, but are not limited to:

pam gould

Pamela Gould — “Last year I heard Emmanual Jal speak at Emory University about his life and his mission “to work with individuals, families & communities to help them overcome the effects of war & poverty through education”. I left wanting to do something to help. With little free time or funds (like most busy people), I tried to think of something that would be fun to do, allow me to spend more time with friends & like-minded people and do a little good in the world. Thus, the idea for Potluck for Peace was born and a year later with the help of good friends, has become a reality. Professionally, I am a local Atlanta herbalist who offers private wellness consultations & classes to teach folks how to integrate herbs & other healing ways into their everyday life.” You can find out more about her services at

Annette Carpenter Wawerna is an educator, singer and most proudly a parent of two.  She has lived in Atlanta most of her life and has been an been an active community member of the Grant Park Neighborhood since 1997.  Annette was a founding member of the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool and served as the education chairperson on the schools board for the first 3 years of operation.  She also served as an education consultant and on the personnel committee for The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School during it’s first years of operation.  She produced the documentary about the grassroots charter school called  From Acorn to Oak; The Story of the Neighborhood Charter School that premiered at the school in February of 2010.”  Annette is currently a kindergarten teacher at ANCS.  In her spare time she sings with a group called the Paulines and is proud to be a founding member of Potluck for Peace.


Hollis Gillespie is a humor writer, author and columnist. She is featured on  the back page of every issue of Atlanta magazine. She is the author of three best-selling memoirs. Her latest book, Unaccompanied Minor, her first novel, is due out January 18, 2014. A television show based on her first two books is in the works. Regarding being a good citizen and helping with Potluck for Peace, Gillespie says, “I love Pam and Annette. If it weren’t for them and how they rope me into doing things that make me a better person, I’d be barreling  straight to hell in a bathtub full of bong water right now.”
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Kathy Braverman Andrews is first and foremost a proud mom of three terrific kids. On the side she is a banker, cook, chauffer and chief operator of a Laundromat. Originally from Boston, Kathy moved to Atlanta in 1987 to get her MBA in Finance from Emory University. Since then she has lived in the Grant Park neighborhood and been an active member of the community. Kathy was a founding member of the Grant Park Parent Network and served on the Board of the Neighborhood Charter School for several years. With regard for Potluck for Peace, thank goodness for good friends who inspire me daily with their kindness. I am excited to be involved in something that will help to make a difference. In her spare time she enjoys running with friends, participating in Fitwit, and attending her children’s athletic and academic activities.



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